Regrouting & Grout Repair

Does your ceramic tiled kitchen floor look dingy and drab? Would your kitchen look sparkly clean with new regrout tile? Does the thought of bathing make you cringe because of the condition of your tub? Afraid of the cost of a shower regrout?

The problem with tiled floors and countertops is they are easily susceptible to dirt and grime. You love the look of clean, brand-new tiles but hate the price tag of replacing them. Continuously replacing your tiles yearly becomes costly. Therefore, the solution is to clean or replace the surrounding grout, thus making the tiles look like new. For a fraction of the replacement cost, Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. can make your existing tub, shower, countertop, or floor look freshly installed with amazingly fast results.

Grout Repair Should Happen Once a Year

As you may know, high traffic tiled floors should be cleaned once a year, maybe more frequently depending on use. Besides the price, there are several reasons to opt for cleaning the grout and surrounding tiles, rather than a full replacement of the tiles. First, there is no mess, so the process will not disrupt your daily routine. Next, the cleaning and replacement process of the grout is completable in under 18 hours. Thus, you won’t have to rearrange your entire week’s schedule but need only block out two or three days for the grout repair.

Besides Regrouting Tiles, You Can Also Regrout Showers

After you’ve scheduled a grout cleaning or replacement appointment, our experts will arrive at your home ready to work. There is a specific process they’ll follow. During this process, they’ll remove old grout and caulk and treat that area for mold, mildew, spores, and bacteria. Next, the tiles are cleaned and buffed to restore them to their natural luster and shine. After that, they’ll apply new fortified grout with a mold inhibitor, then buff off grout haze from tiles. Finally, if needed, they’ll apply caulking with a mold inhibitor. This routine works for tiled floors, counters, bathtubs, and showers. After the cleaning and regrouting, your tiles will look brand-new.

Got dirty tiles? Email or call our experts at (336) 252-8500 and get the grout repair or cleaning they deserve!