Tile Repair and Replacement Services

Does your home have tile that has seen better days? The tile replacement experts at Carolina Tile are here to help you along the way. Whether in a bathroom, a kitchen, or throughout a home, our clients trust Carolina Tile to restore and repair the tile in their homes and to bring damaged tile-work back to its former beauty. Water damaged tile repair, when done early, can save homeowners from the headache of a full remodel by repairing and fortifying the existing tile while removing and replacing damaged tiles.

We are happy to offer our clients a variety of services for grout, tile, and bathtubs. Learn more about our tile replacement services.


Tile Replacement

Retiling an entire floor or kitchen counter can cost a homeowner a lot of money and create a big headache. At Carolina Tile, whether you have loose tiles or even broken, cracked tiles, our experts are able to remove the damaged tiles without harming the surrounding tiles. Our extraction and tile replacement process allows your new tile to be ready to use only a few short hours after completion. Your new, fortified tiles are guaranteed to stay put. Bring the loose or cracked tile in your home back to its former glory with our tile replacement services.


Water Damaged Tile Repair

When caught early, repairing tiles that are damaged by water can save homeowners a lot of money.  Over years of use, tile and grout can be worn down, and grout can dry out and crack, which raises the risk of water damage. Water damage can be devastating for a homeowner, and cost time and money to repair. Maintaining the tile that is already there can lower the risk of the grout and tile failing over time, and give homeowners peace of mind. Learn more about our process for repairing water damaged tiles here.

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