Tile Repair and Replacement Services

As Greensboro, NC’s tile repair and replacement experts, we know the important role quality, well-maintained tile can play for a home. That’s why for over a decade, our team over at Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration has focused on providing premium tile repair and tile replacement services with an emphasis on affordability and efficiency.

In founding our company a decade ago, tile repair and replacement guru T.J. Young set out to do one thing: offer Greensboro’s residents the best in tile repair and replacement services, customer experience, and long lasting protection for their tile. In doing so, he positioned Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration as Greensboro, North Carolina’s leading authority on all things tile repair. It’s a designation we’ve held proudly for these past ten years.

Whether you need tile repair or tile replacement services in your bathroom, kitchen, living areas, or anywhere else around the house, you can trust the team at Carolina Tile, Grout, & Tub Restoration to get the job done. All tire repair and replacement work is overseen by our owner, T.J. Young, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Understanding types of tile damage

As tile repair and tile replacement veterans, we know a thing or two about the sneaky ways everyday life can damage your tile. Some of the most common types of tile damage can actually come from hard impact on your tile– such as dropping something heavy. While most tile is glazed with a thin glass coat that gives it its shine and prevents water from permeating through its construction, heavy impact on your tile can damage that glaze and put your tile at risk of serious structural damage.

In addition to being damaged from heavy impact, tile can also be damaged by scratches. Although that same clear glass gloss does usually protect from most scratches, deep scratches in tile work that cut through the gloss can actually reveal the ceramic construction underneath the tile. This sort of deep, unsightly scratch usually comes from sharp, heavy objects. A tile repair expert can patch the scratch, or remove and replace the entire tile, if necessary. 

Finally, tile can be discolored– usually through water damage, or heavy chemical use. As tile discoloration can take some time to manifest, it can also be among the most difficult types of tile damage to rectify. Fortunately, our experts here at Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration are well equipped with the tools to replace discolored tiles quickly and safely– and usually within no more than a few hours!

What makes our tile repair and tile replacement process different?

When it comes to tile repair and replacement, our local, Greensboro-based experts like to keep things simple. Instead of commissioning fancy, needless work that can take weeks and multiple steps to complete, we get right to the source– removing the damaged tiles quickly and efficiently, without harming the surrounding tiles. In addressing, removing, and replacing the damaged tiles immediately, our tile repair team is able to shave days off of what would typically be a lengthy process, allowing you to use your newly-repaired tiles just a few hours after repairs have been completed. Whether your tiles are loose or cracked, if they need repairing, our mission is to make the tile work look as good as new as quickly as possible.

Tile Replacement

Retiling an entire floor or kitchen counter can cost a homeowner a lot of money and create a big headache. At Carolina Tile, whether you have loose tiles or even broken, cracked tiles, our experts are able to remove the damaged tiles without harming the surrounding tiles. Our extraction and tile replacement process allows your new tile to be ready to use only a few short hours after completion. Your new, fortified tiles are guaranteed to stay put. Bring the loose or cracked tile in your home back to its former glory with our tile replacement services.

Water Damaged Tile Repair

When caught early, repairing tiles that are damaged by water can save Triad homeowners a lot of money.  Over years of use, tile and grout can be worn down, and grout can dry out and crack, which raises the risk of water damage. Water damage can be devastating for a homeowner, and cost time and money to repair. Maintaining the tile that is already there can lower the risk of the grout and tile failing over time, and give homeowners peace of mind. Learn more about our process for repairing water damaged tiles here.

Cost savings with our tile repair and tile replacement services

Having been in the industry for over ten years, we’ve seen and heard a lot of horror stories about damaged, cracked tile. One story that makes us cringe every time is that of the homeowner that neglected tile repair or tile replacement for years, only to have to shell out thousands in cash to completely renovate tile work later on. Fortunately, when our clients request our services, we focus on providing tile repair and replacement services that save them the trouble of lengthy, expensive repairs down the road.

Led by founder T.J. Young, our team of tile repair and replacement experts works to identify and fix problem areas in tile work before they get out of hand– often by removing damaged tile and maintaining tile that may be showing signs of wear, tear, and degradation. In addition to our primary goal of saving our clients money, our tile maintenance also allows our clients to breathe a little easier knowing any underlying problems are being taken care of.

With our tile repair and tile replacement services, you’ll save big by eliminating the possibility of future problems with your tile– even in problem-ridden areas like the bathroom and kitchen. And with our can’t-beat prices on tile repair work, you’ll be thrilled to find that the cost of preventive services right here in Greensboro is even more affordable than you might think!

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