Tub Restoration

Don’t replace your tub…save money and restore it!

Purchasing a new tub, having the old tub ripped out and damaging surrounding walls is not only a terrible mess, but a long process that will cost you over $2,000.00.

Even after all of this, you only receive a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

There is a more efficient way.

  • Save Money
  • No Mess
  • Completed in One Day
  • High-Quality Coatings
  • Looks Better Than New

Let us refinish your existing tub. With our process, your tub will be ready to use again in 24 hours.

We will thoroughly clean and decontaminate the surface. Chips and scratches are filled and sanded smooth. Rust is repaired and primed. We use a patented chemical for adhesion, much like primer, but stronger.

The area is sprayed several times with the highest rated acrylic polyurethane resin, applied using a professional HVLP spray system.

The proof is here in our before and after pictures!