As the leading provider of tile, grout, and tub restoration services in the Greensboro, NC area, Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. has built its reputation on providing the best care solutions, outstanding service, and complete customer satisfaction. For over a decade, our family-owned business has been the Triad’s premier provider of tile, grout, and tub restoration services.

Grout is found throughout the home, in bathtubs, showers, flooring, and countertops. Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. will visit your residence, whether it's in Aycock, Fisher Park, Asheboro Square, Lindley Park, or any other neighborhood in Greensboro, NC to ascertain the exact issues you are experiencing, develops a detailed plan of services, and executes the tasks necessary to refinish, restore, and revitalize your grout and tubs. These grout and tub services we offer in the Piedmont Triad region include:


Offering a wide variety of professional tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and tub restoration services in Greensboro and nearby cities in North Carolina, including High Point and Burlington, we are fully insured and use advanced technology for the very best results. Our founder, TJ Young, does all of the work himself and takes care of each customer personally from the very first phone call to the last day of your restoration project.


At-home chemical grout cleaners offer temporary solutions that may further damage your grout. Rather than wasting money on those products, invest in our top-of-the-line grout services in the Piedmont Triad Area. Our NC company customizes our grout services to meet your specific needs. After visiting your home, Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. determines the best course of action for regrouting, repairing, cleaning, or sealing your grout.


Too often, Triad homeowners believe they have to spend huge sums of money on replacing their tubs, tile showers, floors or countertops when faced with grout problems. Before making such costly purchases, contact Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. in Greensboro, NC to hear about our tile, grout and tub restoration services and how we can help you save time, money and aggravation.

NC's Best Grout, Tile & Bathtub Services

Before you have your tile, grout or tub replaced, let Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. show you what options are available to you.


The grout between your tile is porous, and over time it will absorb dirt, debris, mildew, mold, and limescale.  Mopping and scrubbing won’t be enough if you want a clean surface because these cleaning methods will only remove the surface soil and not the embedded dirt and stains.  Our expert tile and grout cleaning & sealing services can restore your grout to its sparkling clean condition.

Our advanced vapor technology disinfects your grout surfaces, killing germs and bacteria. We only use products that are free of harsh and harmful chemicals to ensure your safety.  Additionally, we utilize low-pressure, high-heat steam to remove the discoloring agents in your grout. A lot of other Greensboro, NC cleaning companies will use harsh chemicals and high-pressure cleaning that can damage your grout.

Once your tile and grout have been cleaned, we will apply our premium, clear, penetrating grout sealer to help protect and keep the floor in your NC home looking great for years to come.


If you like your tile but are unhappy with the original color of your grout, we can completely change the color of your grout using a grout color sealant. 

Grout color sealing can completely change the color of your grout without needing to replace the grout in most cases. After your floor grout lines have been steam cleaned with our green vapor technology, a premium grout color sealant will be applied by hand to give your grout a fresh new look that is uniform in color while adding additional protection for your grout and preventing future discoloration.

The color sealant seals off the porous grout and won’t allow liquids, dirt, and grime to penetrate your grout lines.  Changing the color of grout lines can completely transform the look of your tile floors in your NC home and makes your grout a lot easier to keep clean.

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