High-Quality Bathtub Reglazing In Greensboro, NC

After all those years of bathing, showering, and enjoying some relaxing bathtub time, your Greensboro home's bathtub or shower is probably in need of a refresh. Since they are used frequently, tubs become chipped, cracked, stained, worn out, and discolored. Over time they can lose their glossy coating and that brand-new look and feel. Instead of going through the hassle and expense of replacing the bathtub or undergoing a new bathroom renovation, opt for a high-quality, professional refinishing service from our bathtub repair technicians. Our bathtub reglazing services for the Piedmont Triad area are a budget-friendly, effective, and quick way to remodel your bathroom. Our custom glaze should last you 10-15 years, which is drastically longer than a fiberglass bathtub.



What Is Bathtub Reglazing?

Every home is different. Every homeowner has their own unique style. With our tub resurfacing services, we ensure the gloss color used to replace your outdated bathtub shower is a match for the hues already found in the bathroom. At Carolina Tile, Grout, & Tub Restoration, we understand that because you are investing in a shower tub renovation, you only want the best results. Our Guilford County company's workmanship speaks for itself as we coordinate with each client to provide the overall aesthetic they wish to achieve. 

Our bathtub repair services can be used on fiberglass, ceramic, cast iron, cultured marble, acrylic baths, and even porcelain clawfoot bathtubs. Don’t forget to ask about our anti-slip options for your bathtub/shower. Oh, and did you know we can reglaze your sinks, tiling, or countertops for a facelift to match as well?

Customized Bathtub Reglazing Services Available in the Piedmont Triad

At Carolina, Tile, Grout, & Restoration, we understand that every Greensboro, NC home is different. Every homeowner has their own unique style. With our tub resurfacing services, we ensure the color of your tub matches what you are looking for. 

Whether you have an antique clawfoot tub, walk-in tub, fiberglass tub, cast iron tub, acrylic tub, or tub-shower enclosure combo, we are experts at restoring and refinishing bathtubs of all styles. Our Greensboro bathroom restoration experts refinish bathtubs to provide our clients with what feels like a brand new bathtub, at their North Carolina home at a fraction of the cost.

NC's Best Grout, Tile & Bathtub Services

Before you have your tile, grout or tub replaced, let Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. show you what options are available to you.

Caring For Your NC Triad Home's Newly Refinished Bath and Shower

Now that your tub is looking brand new again, it is important to clean it regularly to maintain its shine and prevent dirt and residue build-up. The freshly applied reglaze leaves a new, non-porous surface which makes it easier to clean. Our general rule of thumb for our clients is to remember that anything that can damage new fixtures can, and most likely will, damage your newly refinished bathroom tub and shower. 

Additionally, you should avoid using abrasive detergents and cleaning products or scrubbing sponges. The last thing you want to do is clean your tub only to find the new bathtub liner has been scratched during your efforts. 

Why Choose Carolina Tile, Grout, & Tub Restoration?

You have many options for tub resurfacing companies in the Triad area. Our clients work with us because we are a family-owned business that provides professional results and an outstanding customer experience. Company owner TJ Young works on each and every project to ensure the highest quality of services is always provided. We pride ourselves on a sterling reputation developed over many years and strive to deliver complete satisfaction on every project.

North Carolinians trust our business because we:

  • Are fully insured
  • Are locally owned and operated
  • Provide free written estimates
  • Hire fully trained and certified technicians
  • Use advanced technology

If your bathroom is in need of other services along with bathtub reglazing, we can also perform grout repair, non-slip treatments, and more. Contact us today for a free estimate to discuss your tub resurfacing project, bathtub reglazing cost, and any other cosmetic issues your full bathroom, custom bathroom, master bathroom, or small bathroom is experiencing. Though you may be able to find what you are looking for at your local hardware store in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, or Burlington, we recommend leaving the bathtub refinishing to the professionals.