Has your bathtub seen better days? Want to redecorate your bathroom but would like to keep your existing tub and tile? Would you like to change the color of your existing bathtub and tile without the expense and hassle of having to tear it out and replace it?  Our top-rated bathtub and tile reglazing and refinishing services for the Piedmont Triad reduce the costs of bathroom renovation, as you no longer need to invest in a brand-new bathtub that most likely would require you to tear out your tile as well. Our Greensboro clients trust the hard-working, knowledgeable team at Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. with their bathtub reglazing, refinishing, and repair projects, and are always left with results that exceed their expectations.

There are many bathtub reglazing and refinishing services we provide to renew your bathroom and help you avoid full bathroom remodeling. We can reglaze and refinish your tile as well.  Learn how Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc.’s bathtub reglazing and bathtub refinishing services can breathe some much-needed life back into your bathroom.

Invest in cost-effective, gorgeous bathtub reglazing and refinishing services from Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration. Completely replacing a bathtub can cost homeowners thousands of dollars. You have to remove the old tub, buy a new one, have the new tub sized, and then installed in your bathroom. This process can also decommission your bathroom for weeks at a time. Save time and money with quality bathtub reglazing and refinishing services. 



In just one day, our expert bathtub reglazing professionals refinish your existing tub. After thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating the bathtub surface, any chipped areas, worn out spots, and scratches are filled and smoothed out. After chip repair, all rust is repaired and primed. Our patented adhesion chemical and bonding agent is applied before several coats of the highest-rated acrylic polyurethane resin topcoat is applied using a professional HVLP spray system to complete a full surface restoration and refinishing. Click here to see the final results!

With Carolina Tile’s bathtub reglazing and refinishing service, you will:

  • Save money as opposed to tub replacement cost
  • Experience no hassle or mess from do it yourself bathtub refinishing
  • Have your bathroom back in a single day
  • End up with a bathtub that looks more beautiful than the day you moved into your home

Greensboro's Top Grout, Tile & Bathtub Services

Before you have your tile, grout or tub replaced, let Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. show you what options are available to you.


Restore your fiberglass or acrylic bathtub or shower for a fraction of the price of a full replacement. If the base is cracked, moisture can seep in underneath the area causing mold and mildew to grow. Additionally, floors and ceilings can be damaged by water leaking through old bathtubs that have cracked or broken, increasing the cost of fixing the problem.

Inlays are custom cut to fit into your broken fiberglass or acrylic tub or shower. An inlay tub liner from Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. is unbreakable, meaning you never again have to worry about your tub or shower leaking. Additionally, our custom-made inlay bathtub liners are installed permanently over your broken tub or shower floor in a single day, meaning you’ll have your bathroom back in 24 hours. Our inlay bath liners are a permanent solution to a serious issue. Learn how inlays can improve the look and function of your existing bathtub or shower here.



Over 30,000 accidental deaths a year in the United States are due to slips and falls. Shower and bathtub floors can be smooth and slippery surfaces. Mats in these areas are prone to bacterial growth, which is unhealthy and unsafe. If you are having your shower floor, shower pan or bathtub reglazed, refinished and restored, we can install a permanent anti-slip treatment solution that is much more sanitary than a rubber bathmat. Bathe with ease in your home when you’ve invested in our excellent non-slip treatment.


High-Quality Bathtub Refinishing Solutions in NC

Tub refinishing services including bathtub reglazing, grab bar installation, inlays, and non-slip treatments transform bathrooms. For well over a decade, Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. has built a reputation in the North Carolina, Triad area as a trusted, high quality, and efficient business that clients enjoy working with on all bathtub restoration projects. Fully insured, locally owned and operated, Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. employs fully trained and certified technicians alongside our owner, TJ Young, when performing any service. We use advanced technology and use superior products to deliver the best results to our wonderful customers.

If your bathroom needs other restoration or repairs, such as tile regrouting, grout cleaning and sealing or grout color sealing, and more, the Greensboro-based team here at Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. can assist you with any number of projects, and bring your tile, grout, and tubs back to life. We know how to restore, refinish and repair any of your bathroom bathtubs and showers, for a fraction of the cost of a remodel. Before you hire another company, discuss your options with us to see how we can save you money and time. We’ll plainly explain every step of every process available to you, so you understand your options clearly and make an informed decision about updating your home.

Have questions about our bathtub reglazing and restoration services? Call us now at (336) 252-8500 or contact us.