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A bathtub restoration could give your bathroom a clean, refreshed look. It can make your outdated bathroom look and feel new while saving you a lot of time and money over a full bathroom remodel. If you’d like your bathtub to look like it just came off the assembly line, then you need to call us here at Carolina Tile, Grout, and Tub Restoration, Inc.

Greensboro, NC Bathtub Repair Experts

Take a look around your bathroom, at the shiny tiles, colorful mats, and clean countertops. Now cast your eyes towards the bathtub. If your tub has a tired, worn out feel, it may be time to consider a professional restoration. Reglazing the tub can go a long way toward making your bathroom your personal oasis. That is what we provide here at Carolina Tile, Grout, and Tub Restoration, Inc. We love taking old, chipped and stained bathtubs and making them look new again. It is not just about changing the grout or installing a new porcelain tile color. Bathtub restorations and bathroom remodeling are personal. You can get the look and the feel you want when you plan out the tub restoration first.

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The Importance of Professional Bathtub Restoration

Embarking on a bathroom remodel or renovation, the significance of professional bathtub restoration cannot be overstated. Techniques such as bathtub glazing and tub resurfacing not only revitalize the appearance of fiberglass tubs and acrylic bathtubs but also extend their lifespan. Unlike simple DIY fixes, professional restoration addresses deep-seated issues like scratches and stains that accumulate over time. Through meticulous repairing and resurfacing processes, experts in the field ensure that every inch of the tub’s surface is thoroughly repaired and resurfaced, restoring its original splendor. This involves a detailed process on how to repair and laminate damaged areas, guaranteeing a seamless finish. 

The workmanship involved in restoring and repairing bathtubs goes beyond cosmetic improvements; it also enhances the structural integrity of the tub. For Greensboro, North Carolina homeowners considering a bathroom renovation, investing in professional bathtub restoration means ensuring that your bathtub is not just visually appealing but also durably resurfaced, avoiding the recurrent costs and inconvenience of repeated bathtub repairs. Leveraging the expertise of professionals in restoring these crucial bathroom features guarantees a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and unparalleled quality.

Greensboro's Top Grout, Tile & Bathtub Services

Before you have your tile, grout or tub replaced, let Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. show you what options are available to you.

Tub Restoration Services You Can Expect

Invest in cost-effective, gorgeous bathtub reglazing and refinishing services from Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration. Completely replacing a bathtub can cost homeowners in Greensboro, NC thousands of dollars. You have to remove the old tub, buy a new one, have the new tub sized, and then installed in your bathroom. This process can also decommission your bathroom for weeks at a time. Save time and money with quality bathtub reglazing and refinishing services for brands such as


  • Moen
  • Kohler
  • Mansfield
  • Pulse
  • American Standard
  • Delta
  • TOTO
  • And more!


For fiberglass bathtub or shower surrounds, bathtub reglazing may be an economical option for a quick upgrade. Instead of losing your bathroom to an extensive bathroom remodeling job that could take weeks to complete, we have a better option that finishes in just days. Our professional rub refinisher will first clean and disinfect the entire bathtub. We detect any chipping, fill in any areas that need repair, and remove any rust as we go. From there, our bathtub reglazing technicians apply epoxy resin over the entire bathtub and, if appropriate, can apply the same bathroom epoxy to the surrounding ceramic tile walls as well. The resurfacing gives your bathtub a new, glossy look while updating the color as well. 

Within just a few days, your tub is totally dry and ready for use. This technique is fast, effective, and long-lasting. If you want to see some before and after pictures, check these out! The best part is that the glaze provides a textured anti-slip coating during resurfacing, making your newly redone bathtub or shower even safer.

Shower and Bath Inlays Work with Broken Tubs and Showers


Restore your fiberglass tub, acrylic tub, or shower for a fraction of the price of a full replacement. If the base is cracked, moisture can seep underneath the area causing mold and mildew to grow. Additionally, floors and ceilings can be damaged by water leaking through old bathtubs that have cracked or broken, increasing the cost of fixing the problem.


Bathtub inlays are custom-cut to fit into your broken fiberglass or acrylic tub, sink, or shower. An inlay tub liner from Carolina Tile, Grout & Tub Restoration, Inc. is unbreakable, meaning you never again have to worry about your tub or shower leaking. Additionally, our custom-made inlay bathtub liners are installed permanently over your broken bathtub or shower floor in a single day, meaning you’ll have your bathroom back in 24 hours. Our inlay bath liners are a permanent solution to a serious issue. Our fiberglass tub repair will breathe new life into the look and function of your existing bathtub or shower here.

Carolina Tile, Grout, and Tub Restoration, Inc. is Your Greensboro, NC Bathtub Restoration Solution

When your goal is to have bathtub refinishing that helps your old bathtub look like new, call us here at Carolina Tile, Grout, and Tub Restoration, Inc. We are Greensboro, North Carolina’s bathtub restoration experts with years of experience. Our team of tub repair professionals will take your outdated, unsafe, or broken shower or bathtub and refinish it to like-new condition. Don’t wait another day with an outdated or unsafe bathtub. Contact us for a free estimate and let us help you get the bathtub or shower you want and deserve.